Unit Description

This unit focuses on using multiple mediums and new technologies to create an art collection. In the first lesson the students will create a symbol and a story that represents them. The students will explore printmaking and the woodcut process to create multiple prints of their symbol. The second lesson uses those prints to add their story into the symbol. They will first look at paper art by various artists who make their paper cutouts by hand. The students will make a contour drawing that they will then cut out the negative spaces to get a feel for how hard and how long it took these artists. We will then use either hand, iPad, or GIMP to add typography to their prints and use the laser cutter to cut out their final piece. The last lesson the students will learn about mult-media art and installation art. They will use their laser cut story symbol and transform it into a new piece.

Expected Prior Knowledge

There are multiple classrooms this unit could be used for and would be easy to change the difficulty level depending on where it is used. This was written for a junior/senior 2D art classroom.  In order to use this lesson you need to have access to computers, GIMP, Photoshop, and a laser cutter (Go ask the tech department if they have one!) The students should have prior knowledge of:

  • How to use an Xacto knife
  • Contour line drawing/Negative space
  • Basic GIMP/Photoshop editing
  • Writing and talking about art (the story and critique)

On-going Knowledge

Students will learn about new technologies and how artist need to be up-to-date on new tools and processes. They will have the basic information and examples of things that are possible so they can further explore the new technology even more.